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Many people become depressed during the holidays. I hope you’re not one of them, but if you are, maybe this will help you or maybe it will help someone you know. LORD knows that in the past I’ve had my own bouts of depression at Christmastime. Years ago, I was invited to hear Randall Wallace […]


    The Wexford Carol performed by Alison Krauss and Yo-Yo Ma
  • Here's the beautiful 12th century Irish Christmas carol beautifully sung by Alison Krauss. I just wish Mary's "guide," Saint Joseph, was named. At Wiki, someone has written the song's history, the lyrics in English and Gaelic, and numerous recording artists. "With Mary holy, we should pray "To God with love, this Christmas Day..." You may get the Alison Krauss and Yo-Yo Ma recording by clicking here. Below that is Libera's lovely but quite different performance in Ireland, which you may get by clicking here. The Wexford Carol Good people all, this Christmas time, Consider well and bear in mind What our good God for us has done In sending His beloved Son With Mary holy we should pray, To God with love this Christmas Day In Bethlehem upon that morn, There was a blessed Messiah born The night before that happy tide The noble Virgin and her guide Were long time seeking up and down To find a lodging in the town But mark right well what came to pass From every door repelled, alas As was foretold, their refuge all Was but a humble ox’s stall Near Bethlehem did shepherds keep Their flocks of lambs and feeding sheep To whom God’s angel did appear Which put the shepherds in great fear Arise and go, the angels said To Bethlehem, be not afraid For there you'll find, this happy morn A princely babe, sweet Jesus, born With thankful heart and joyful mind The shepherds went the babe to find And as God's angel had foretold They did our Saviour Christ behold Within a manger He was laid And by His side a virgin maid Attending on the Lord of Life Who came on Earth to end all strife There were three wise men from afar Directed by a glorious star And on they wandered night and day Until they came where Jesus lay And when they came unto that place Where our beloved Messiah lay They humbly cast them at his feet With gifts of gold and incense sweet. #
  • Beautiful! IN DULCI JUBILO is one of my favorite Christmas carols. Merry Christmas to you! The original German/Latin song was written by Dominican monk Henry Suso, circa 1320. The English version by Robert Pearsall (1834) follows the original Catholic German “macaronic” style of mixing Latin with the vernacular language. Pearsall was an English composer living in Germany at the time. Thanks to the website, the lyrics and Latin translations follow Libera's music video. You can  get the song by clicking my Amazon widget or here. IN DULCI JUBILO In dulci jubilo Now sing with hearts aglow! Our delight and pleasure lies in praesepio; Like sunshine is our treasure matris in gremio; Alpha es et O! Alpha es et O! O Jesu, parvule, For thee I sing always; Comfort my heart's blindness, O puer optime, with all thy loving kindness, O princeps gloriae; Trahe me post te! Trahe me post te! O Patris caritas! O Nati lenitas! Deeply were we stained per nostra crimina; But thou for us hast gained Coelorum gaudia: Oh, that we were there! Oh, that we were there! Ubi sunt gaudia in any place but there? There are angels singing nova cantica And there the bells are ringing in Regis curia. Oh, that we were there! Oh, that we were there! Latin phrases in the song IN DULCI JUBILO in dulci jubilo = in sweet jubilation in praesepio = in a manger matris in gremio = in his mother's lap Alpha es et O! = Thou art Alpha and Omega! (beginning and end) O Jesu, parvule = O tiny Jesus O puer optime = O best of boys O princeps gloriae = O Prince of Glory Trahe me post te = Draw me after thee (make me follow you) O patris caritas = O love of the Father O nati lenitas = O gentleness of the Son per nostra crimina = through our crimes coelorum gaudia/caelorum gaudia = the joys of heaven Ubi sunt gaudia = Where are joys? nova cantica = new songs in Regis curia = in the courts of the King #
  • Eric Cantor resigns from Congress, endorses Dave Brat
  • Good heavens. Just got an announcement from Rep. Eric Cantor that he is resigning Congress and a special election will be held. Oddly though, the 7th Congressional District will have no representative until November. Here's the announcement in full: From: Eric Cantor [] Sent: Friday, August 01, 2014 8:05 AM Subject: Eric Cantor Makes Major Announcement   Time of Transition Serving Virginians has been my highest honor BY ERIC CANTOR It has been the highest honor of my professional life to serve the people of Virginia’s 7th District in Congress. That is why it is with tremendous gratitude and a heavy heart that I have decided to resign from Congress, effective Aug. 18. As I reflect on this amazing opportunity, I think of the sacrifices made by so many along the way. It starts with my grandmother who fled religious persecution in Eastern Europe and found herself a young, Jewish widow raising my dad above a grocery store in Richmond. She worked hard to make a better life for those who came after her. Never would she have imagined her grandson would sit in the U.S. House of Representatives. I have indeed lived the American dream. My wife, Diana, our three wonderful children, and our entire family have been a part of this journey. They have always been the inspiration behind my desire to serve and I am forever grateful for their unending support. During this time of transition for me and my family, it is my foremost desire to ensure that representation is maintained for the people of the 7th District. For this reason, I have asked Gov. McAuliffe to hold a special election on Election Day, at no additional cost to taxpayers, so my successor can be sworn in immediately in November. It is vitally important that the constituents have a clear and strong voice during the consequential lame duck session of Congress. I believe and hope that voice will be Dave Brat. The issues that will be considered during the lame duck session this year will be crucial to the future of our country. These debates will continue into the new Congress, and the people of this district deserve to have their new voice representing them and engaging on their behalf. This will also offer my successor the opportunity to get a head start on the incoming freshman class and provide him with seniority that will ultimately benefit the citizens of the district. As I return to private life, Diana and I will make decisions about the future. I certainly look forward to doing what I did when I first became a Republican: advocating, as a private citizen, for the conservative solutions to the problems we face that will secure our nation’s greatness and provide a better life for all Americans. We must protect families and respect faith. Communities should be free to flourish without government’s heavy hand. America must always be the land of equal opportunity, where hard work is rewarded and the American dream is open to all. And we must always protect the most vulnerable among us, and support those who seek liberty around the world. One of the special things about America is that these principles and the conservative solutions that will help us reaffirm them aren’t the exclusive property of those elected to government. These ideas and the opportunity to fight for them and see them achieved belong to all Americans. Our country faces many challenges. Too many Americans have lost confidence in the country’s future, and it is not hard to see why. The American Dream often seems to be in retreat at home, while American power and principles are receding abroad. Too many children are condemned to a bad school because of their ZIP code. Access to a quality education is the civil rights issue of our time and I will continue fighting for reforms that empower children and parents wherever they live and whatever their income. Addressing our education challenges also includes the skyrocketing cost of college. Government has been driving up that cost and public policy has to switch gears. I believe that we can once again have an economy that produces well-paying jobs that not only put food on the table but help put money in the bank. Reforming taxes and regulations to promote growth is one important step. But we must also keep working to bridge the widening skills gap by ensuring that workers have the opportunity to learn new skills so they can access and keep quality jobs. Our economic strength is intertwined with our global presence. We have been shrinking from the world in recent years, abandoning the mantle of leadership that generations of brave Americans fought to attain. The result has been growing instability, declining American influence and gathering danger. Our allies no longer trust us, and our enemies no longer fear us. The Middle East is in chaos. Terror is on the rise. Iran is marching toward full nuclear capability and Russia has invaded a sovereign nation with few consequences. Earlier in my lifetime our country went through a period of precipitous decline, but then recovered. I became a Republican because I heard Ronald Reagan, Jack Kemp, Dick Obenshain and so many others advocating the ideas that created that recovery. While these were all great men, what was truly powerful were the ideas they were advancing. While my days as a congressman will soon be behind me, my days of fighting for those ideas as a citizen are ahead of me. I’d like to thank the voters, my neighbors, my friends, for giving me the extraordinary opportunity to serve, and I look forward to continuing to work for an America that works and an America that leads. Eric Cantor was elected to the U.S. House of Representatives from Virginia’s 7th Congressional District in 2000. #
  • Del. Bob Marshall running for Congress
  • UPDATE Feb. 25: Bob's website is up @ I got an announcement from Virginia Delegate Bob Marshall, but his campaign website isn't launched yet so I'm posting his announcement here. He is running in the 10th Congressional District, currently represented by Congressman Frank Wolf, who is retiring. -Anita _______________________________________________ Media may contact Delegate Bob Marshall at (571) 409-0588 Del. Bob Marshall Enters 10th Congressional Race Constitutional Conservative with 22 Years of General Assembly Experience “After prayerful consideration and a lot of positive outreach from family, friends, and supporters, I am hereby announcing that I am running for Congress in the 10th Congressional District of the Commonwealth of Virginia.” Delegate Bob Marshall announced, “I believe I have a record that has served Virginians well, the ability to win in November, and the fortitude to make a difference in Washington in the years to come.” Delegate Bob Marshall has won 12 general elections (and one primary election) to the Virginia General Assembly from Prince William and Loudoun counties and has fought for the people of Virginia, the Constitution, and our freedom.  In 22 years of service, Marshall hasn’t voted for a single tax increase. Marshall successfully sued Democrat Governor Tim Kaine in 2007 which blocked 14 unconstitutional taxes from crushing Virginia tax payers. He authored the Health Care Freedom Act to challenge Obamacare, wrote the Partial Birth Abortion ban law and the One-Man, One-Woman Constitutional [Marriage] Amendment which was overwhelmingly ratified by Virginians at the polls in 2006. Marshall has secured support for his legislation from groups across the political spectrum to: 1. Protect personal data on driver’s licenses (HB 1587, 2009); 2. Prohibit Virginia from aiding the federal government in the arrest, detention without trial or legal counsel of individuals merely suspected of anti-government activities (HB 1160, 2012); 3. Require a search warrant for police monitoring live GPS tracking by cell phones, or other electronic devices (HB 17, 2014, passed House of Delegates). Most recently, Marshall has taken on Democrat Attorney General Mark Herring, who has broken his oath to defend the laws of Virginia.   Marshall recently secured signatures from 52 of his republican and democrat colleagues to ask Gov. McAuliffe to appoint legal counsel to defend the 2006 voter approved Marriage Amendment. America is facing the most serious financial, moral and leadership crisis since our Civil War. Bob Marshall understands Congress and its rules of procedure, and (perhaps most importantly) he knows what it takes to move legislation, to achieve results, and to lead. Marshall pledged, “In Washington: I will not vote to increase taxes. "I will be on the front lines to defund and dismantle Obamacare to protect families, businesses, the economy and health care. "I will vote to block all new or expanded federal entitlement programs to reduce the federal debt. "I will oppose the creation or maintenance of a police surveillance state to spy on us, and will work to make federal agencies focus on terrorists, not citizens. "I will promote domestic energy production to free us from our current, unnecessary dependence on foreign oil. "I will be a tireless fighter for our constitutional rights including life, liberty, and private property. "I will oppose the executive assault on congressional powers. “I know that our rights come from the hand of our Creator, that government receives its power from the people through their elected representatives, the purpose of government is to protect these rights, and government leaders must be servants, not masters. “Experience shows that the means best able to secure these rights are the institutions of private property and limited government with elected officials who answer to and are held accountable to the public.” Marshall has represented about one-third of the current 10th Congressional District at one time or another (Loudoun and Prince William). Most recently, he won a district that went for President Obama by a margin of 11.4%. He has a proven track record of winning elections in tough districts against well-funded opponents. A Republican “Fire House Primary” will be held on Saturday, April 26 with ten polling locations throughout the 10th CD, run by the Republican Party, not the state. Website to launch soon: ________________________________________ [Paid for by Bob Marshall for Congress committee] #
  • Happy birthday to Neil Diamond
  • Happy birthday to Neil Diamond! Today he's 73. Thanks to Neil for his beautiful music and for being a class act. Long live Neil Diamond! Long live America! #

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