Abby Johnson says ‘Unplanned’ movie shows ‘Conversion is possible for anyone’

Los Angeles – March 29, 2019 – The movie “Unplanned” is about how brutal truth helped Abby Johnson to choose beautiful truth and redemption. Ten years ago, Johnson left her job as the director of Planned Parenthood’s facility in Bryan, Texas, where 22,000 babies were aborted while she worked there. Since then, she has exposed the abortion industry and the facility went out of business.

“Unplanned” filmmakers Chuck Konzelman (L) and Cary Solomon (R) with author and main character Abby Johnson.

 Johnson and the movie makers told me why they made the feature film. “I think it shows the value of praying for and reaching out to abortion clinic workers and really showing their humanity,” said Johnson. “I hope this film will continue to emphasize that in the hearts of people. No one is too far gone to receive God’s mercy. Conversion is possible for anyone.”

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