Bozell Column: Jesus Is Not a Serial Killer

August 13, 2011

This fall, the Showtime movie channel will air its sixth season of “Dexter,” their show glorifying a just serial killer. They recently finished a fourth season of a show called “Californication,” which debuted in 2007 with a dream sequence in which the lead character receives oral sex from a nun in a church. So it might seem surprising (or….perhaps not) that Showtime’s new promotional package for the fall wraps Showtime characters around…Christianity. The new slogan is “Showtime Saves.”

The low point in this perverse campaign is the visuals of the murderous Dexter character with golden-sunshine rays of holiness. Their St. Dexter the Just Serial Killer routine matches the trailer for Season Six, in which Dexter beats in the head of a man with a Jesus tattoo on his chest. This Christian (smirk, sniff) killed his wife rather than undergo a messy divorce, which makes Dexter the righteous judge and jury. Before he’s whacked with a hammer, the wife-killer screams “God is a mighty fortress! And I have been washed in the blood of the Lamb! And He will protect me!”

In Hollywood, or at least at the CBS Corporation, which owns Showtime, it seems the only good Christian is a dead, hypocritical Christian.

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