Christian publisher launches ‘No Obama’ billboards

Destiny Image billboards send ‘No Obama’ message

Monday, 05 November 2012 11:22 AM EST

The owner of Pennsylvania-based charismatic publisher Destiny Image has purchased several billboards placed in strategic places in two of the state’s largest cities—Philadelphia and Pittsburgh—in an attempt to convince undecided voters to choose Republican presidential hopeful Mitt Romney for the nation’s highest office.

The billboards by Don Nori Sr., CEO of Nori Media Group and Destiny Image, read: “We need REAL hope, REAL change; NO OBAMA 2012,” referencing the president’s campaign slogan in 2008.

Nori said his motives for purchasing the billboards were simple. “I am a business owner, and I’m tired of the government for taking what they want and taxing the rest,” he said. “I’m just one little guy. I hope what I’m doing can help bring about some change.”

The billboards read: “We need REAL hope, REAL change; NO OBAMA 2012,” referencing President Obama’s campaign of hope in 2008.

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