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For Hanukkah and Christmas: Gifts NOT made in China

Beautiful Christmas ornaments made in the USA and sold by The Jolly Christmas Shop.

As you shop for Hanukkah or Christmas gifts, please boycott products made in China and other countries who enslave men, women and children to make their products. I’ve been boycotting products from China and other communist countries for most of my life.

Given that Christmas is the birthday of Christ, given that He’s the Creator of human rights Who frees us from all forms of slavery, boycotting China would be noble in honor of His birthday, and it would be noble in honor your loved ones’ birthdays too.

Today, Pope Francis released his beautiful World Day of Peace message. It’s titled “No longer slaves, but brothers and sisters” and the Holy Father effectively urges us to boycott products made by slaves, “items which may have been produced by exploiting others.” Thanks to Edward Pentin, you may read the address at National Catholic Register. Americans, especially, please think about the grave injustice that our families, friends and neighbors suffer in losing their jobs because the criminal Chinese government steals intellectual properties and makes cheap knock-offs of virtually all our goods.

I know it’s difficult to find products NOT made in China.

Therefore, I made the Amazon widgets below with some marvelous gifts. The top one is catered to American patriots. I may very well add more widgets as I find more gifts. As a bonus, each of these gifts is under $100.

On the cat lovers’ gifts: I could not determine the origin of some products. If I strongly recommend a product, that means I use it.

Please browse my other widgets too.

Happy Hanukkah to my Jewish friends and merry Christmas to everyone!

Update 12/19: Please read Oliver Wainwright’s exposé on the cruel and dangerous Chinese factories that produce 60% of the world’s Christmas decorations. It was published today by The Guardian.
Other reports: 
U.S. Teacher: I Did 7 Months Of Forced Labor In A Chinese Jail “Prisoner 1741 spent more than seven months inside a jail in southern China, assembling Christmas lights for export to America. Work days stretched up to 10 hours and conditions were tough, he says. One boss used strands of Christmas lights to whip workers and drive production.”
Primark investigating ‘forced labor’ notes found in clothing;

Behind Cry for Help From China Labor Camp;
Are your favorite products created by slave labor? New report indicates it’s possible;
Chinese Slave Who Smuggled Note in Halloween Product Has Been Found.

Update 12/20: See and order beautiful, reasonably-priced Christmas ornaments made in the USA by clicking on The Jolly Christmas Shop


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