Pope Francis: Welcome to the USA on Facebook

Pope Francis - Welcome to the USA on Facebook
2016 update: Since Pope Francis left the USA but thousands of people joined the page, I renamed it. Click on Catholic USA & World Today to take a look and join us there.

Washington, D.C. –  I received spectacular photos of welcome signs to Pope Francis in New York City and Philadelphia. So far, the ones in Washington are on a different scale. At first I planned to write a story about these signs, but the layout of many news websites is not optimal to display them.

Then, at Sunday evening Mass on September 13, it dawned on me to create a public forum on Facebook.

Thus, I happily announce the new page on Facebook called “Pope Francis: Welcome to the USA” and it is here: Above is a screenshot of the current cover, but it will change and updates are posted on the timeline daily.

It’s special because I am inviting Catholic Americans and all Americans of goodwill to welcome Pope Francis with photos of themselves.

There are nearly 80 million Catholics in the USA and, despite negative media spin, the Church grows every single year! Therefore, I invite Catholic laypersons and religious to post photos with their welcome signs. I am looking for photos of children at their schools, high school students, college and university students, family photos, priests, sisters, and people of all ages throughout the United States. I am looking for photos of you and yours. I also invite members of our Armed Services to post photos from wherever they are in the world. Not all Catholics are faithful. Nevertheless, I am undaunted. Let’s do our best to show the Holy Father that we are close to 80 million strong. Let’s do our best to show one another. Let’s show the world.

Why Facebook? For starters, it’s not only the most prominent social media platform, it is the most prominent media platform that just hit a new plateau of 1 billion users worldwide. Last month when I checked and analyzed their stats, 163.6 million English-speaking North Americans were daily active users.

We’re off to a humble beginning, but time is short so I invite you to join the page and ask your friends to join Pope Francis: Welcome to the USA. Papa Francisco arrives near Washington at 4 PM on Tuesday, September 22, and I like to call him by the name in his native tongue…


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