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Happy story about ‘year that I died’

‘Snowmen’ movie the story of three unlikely heroes

Posted: December 01, 2011
1:00 am Eastern

By Anita Crane © 2011 WND

“Snowmen” star Bobby Coleman with Writer/Director Robert Kirbyson. (Courtesy of Mpower Pictures © 2009)

“It was going to be the most amazing winter ever … the year that I died.”

So opens the new family film “Snowmen,” a happy – yes, happy – adventure starring Bobby Coleman as 10-year-old Billy Kirkfield, Ray Liotta as his father Reggie and a cast of endearing characters played by Christopher Lloyd, Christian Martyn, Doug E. Doug, Bobb’e J. Thomson, Josh Flitter and Demi Peterson.

“Snowmen” is the first feature film by Canadian writer and director Robert Kirbyson, who pays homage to his father, his brother and his boyhood friends.

The film is produced by Mpower Pictures, the movie company of Stephen McEveety, who also produced “The Passion of the Christ,” “We Were Soldiers,” “Braveheart” and many other films for Mel Gibson’s Icon Productions.

As WND reported, “Snowmen” had a very limited run in movie theaters. John Shepherd, a producer and co-founder of Mpower Pictures, described “Snowmen” as “Braveheart for kids,” and this brand new family classic is available on DVD from WND.

It’s almost impossible to describe this totally surprising movie without spoilers.

Thus, Kirbyson told WND, “The movie’s kind of a tough sell when you first describe it. One spoiler that I do want people to know is that ‘Snowmen’ has a happy ending. I want parents to know there are some things that sensitive kids might struggle with, but hang in there because there’s a very happy ending.”

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