Who is Anita Crane? Good question.

This Anita Crane is first and foremost a Catholic, then an American. I’m an independent writer, editor and digital media producer with B.A. in Catholic Theology from Christendom College. Catholics are 25 percent of the U.S. population. Therefore, I write to encourage America’s largest religious bloc and everyone to defend the fundamental human rights to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness as these rights are so beautifully recognized in the Declaration of Independence.

To my total surprise, the first interview I ever did has become part of a saint’s memoir. In 2012, A Spiritual Autobiography by Servant of God Father John A. Hardon, S.J. was published, he had reprinted the interview and he prefaced it by saying, “Anita Crane drew statements from me that I have never made before.”

I write and edit for news publications and a variety of clients who need news analysis, media strategy, marketing or publicity. My background includes writing and producing thousands of network TV promos. Some were tune-ins, others were commercials for products.

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Still other publications have published my work, such as The American Spectator, Catholic Exchange, Catholic Lane, Catholic Online, Faith & Family Magazine, The National Catholic Register, Newsmax Magazine, Spero Forum, and The Wanderer.

I’m also contributor to and editor of Ron Miller’s gutsy book on racial identity politics: SELLOUT: Musings from Uncle Tom’s Porch published by Liberty University Press, 2012.

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On this page are some of my human rights articles written before this portfolio site was launched. Click on the bold titles to read the following stories…

Handsome Is as Handsome Does Bella star and producer Eduardo Verastegui on the front lines helping mothers and their babies. Numerous publications, October 2008.

Why the young flock to Benedict XVI Amusing surprises about the pope in time for World Youth Day 2008. SperoNews.com, July 12, 2008.

Papal impact: Benedict in America Little-known but fascinating facts about the Holy Father from his biographer Brennan Pursell. Celebrate Life cover story, July-Aug. 2008.

Abortion Changes You: A new national outreach Michaelene Fredenburg suffered tremendously after having an abortion at the age of 18. Now her organization leads post-abortive mothers, fathers and others to healing. Co-written with Paul Nowak. Celebrate Life cover story, May-June 2008.

Judge Andrew Napolitano: ‘Fiercely pro-life The famous senior judicial analyst of Fox News talks about U.S. law, Catholic bishops and his faith. Celebrate Life, Jan.-Feb. 2008.

The James Sherley case: Will science win or lose? The inside story of a stem cell scientist who triumphs over racism and persecution for protecting human embryos from futile experiments. Celebrate Life, Nov.-Dec. 2007.

The Movie Noëlle Calls for Caution This December 6, 2007 op-ed was picked up by numerous publications. I link to the publication by CatholicExchange.com.

The Perils and Pitfalls of Abortion Rhetoric An editor in suburban Chicago is forthright about media lingo on the topic of abortion, but he doesn’t go quite far enough in describing the crisis at hand. CatholicExchange.com, September 14, 2007.

Eduardo Verastegui and ‘Bella’ This international singer, TV and movie star reveals why he changed his life, established a film company and produced Bella. Celebrate Life cover story, July-August 2007.

Brian Rohrbough: An uncompromising pro-lifer Since the Columbine killers massacred his 15-year-old son and many other innocent persons, Brian Rohrbough does everything in his power to save lives. Celebrate Life, May-June 2007.

James Sherley: A scientist dedicated to truth Former MIT stem cell researcher suffered discrimination as he spelled out the truth in black and white. Celebrate Life, January-February 2007.

Bishop Bruskewitz: Straight talk on Catholics, life and death The renowned Bishop of Lincoln, Nebraska, pulls no punches as he leads his flock with national impact. Celebrate Life, Nov.-Dec. 2006. (In regard to Bishop Bruskewitz’s excommunication list, there is one change. Vatican officials are working with the Society of Saint Pius X leaders and Pope Benedict XVI saw fit to lift Pope John Paul II’s excommunication of three bishops therein. However, the society is not yet an official order of the Church.)

Covenant Hospice: Pro-life to the end of life The owners of this Christian hospice protect terminally-ill patients and expose deadly trends in the hospice industry. Co-written by Sean Gallagher. Celebrate Life, September-October 2006.

Kevin Hasson on the right to life and religious liberty This constitutional lawyer talks about his precedent-setting cases and our rights. Celebrate Life, July-August 2006.

The spies who love life: James and Meredith Olson Former CIA chief of counterintelligence and his wife, both former spies, have a reputation for being humble, so I asked them to talk about each other as well as their part in the most basic kind of counter terrorism. Celebrate Life, May-June 2006.

Robert George: No time to lose in the fight for life This Princeton professor, attorney and author discusses the Supreme Court’s most dangerous rulings and the best way to secure the fundamental human right. Celebrate Life cover story, January-February 2006.

Michael Schiavo’s Web of Deceit What does Aretha Franklin have to do with Terri Schindler Schiavo? This report reveals many things including the soul music queen’s influence on congressional legislation and how Michael Schiavo’s key witness, Dr. Ronald Cranford, boasted about literally making up details to kill Mrs. Schiavo and others. LifeSiteNews.com, December 20, 2005.

Kate Adamson: A voice for the voiceless One day she was a sexy housewife, the next day she was considered a vegetable. With her husband’s help, Adamson fought for her own life and now she fights for others. Celebrate Life cover story, July-August 2005.

Interview with a saint This is the first interview I ever did: the great Theologian, author and teacher Father John Hardon, S.J. So far, Father Hardon has been declared a Servant of God and Saint Mother Teresa of is canonized. Published in Crisis, December 1997.

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