Alveda King: Martin Luther King Jr. was pro-life

Great piece by Alveda King, niece of  Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. and daughter of Rev. A.D. King:

She opens by saying: “There has been much controversy regarding my Uncle Martin’s view on abortion. I have always stated that my uncle was pro-life and would never support Planned Parenthood. There are those that contend that because he was given the PPFA Margaret Sanger Award from PPH (follow link Martin Luther King, Jr. and Planned Parenthood) that he was indeed pro-choice and would today support them. First of all, my uncle was a man of non-violence as evident by the 10 commandments of non-violence that all those working in the civil rights movement with him had to sign (scroll to bottom of page). He often spoke out against violence and for peaceful protests. Abortion is nothing but violence.”

I’ve heard her speak of this many times. While not explained in this article, Alveda has said that Planned Parenthood people tried to convince Alveda’s mom to abort her, but her grandfather and Uncle Martin came to the rescue.

She also explained that Uncle Martin wouldn’t accept the Margaret Sanger Award from Planned Parenthood, so the PP folks engineered Coretta Scott to accept it on his behalf and they wrote the acceptance speech too. She talks about this in my article here and below is Alveda telling us to “stop killing the dream” on a video produced by the independent group Students for Life of Illinois.

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