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Drifter’s story captures attention at Life Fest

Affirmation of value and meaning ‘exactly’ the message it carries

Posted: April 18, 2011
By Anita Crane
© 2011 WorldNetDaily

Independent filmmakers and actors who attended the Life Fest in Los Angeles, Hollywood’s premier pro-life film festival, say it was a huge success because it united them in the beauty of human life, truth, love – and apparently surprises.

It included a filmmaker who had worked on Al Gore’s blockbuster “An Inconvenient Truth” and, as WND previously reported, the makers of a major motion picture screened their film.

The picture is “Doonby,” starring John Schneider as a drifter who shows up in small-town Smithville, Texas, and captures everyone’s attention.

During turbulent times, “Doonby” couldn’t be more relevant as millions of Americans feel like drifters seeking work, affordable homes and, ultimately, purpose.

This September, “Doonby” opens in U.S. theaters with the cast of Robert Davi, Joe Estevez, Ernie Hudson, Jennifer O’Neill and Jenn Gotzon as the leading man’s love interest.

Gotzon, who stars in four features due out this year, encouraged the independent filmmakers at Life Fest.

“It was great to finally screen ‘Doonby’ for an L.A. audience and take questions from the viewers,” Gotzon told WND. “It was very inspirational hearing a world share the love of life through cinema. I also enjoyed meeting up with my ‘Frost/Nixon’ cast-mate Clint Howard at this wonderful event.”

“Doonby” writer and director Peter Mackenzie couldn’t attend Life Fest but shared his leading lady’s enthusiasm.

Mackenzie told WND, “When we heard about a film festival that celebrated the notion that each life has value and meaning, we realized that that was exactly the message of our film and we were honored to be a part of it. Another film that’s being shown, Mira Sorvino’s ‘Like Dandelion Dust,’ has a similar message and we were pleased to be in such good company.

“Sam Doonby, our lead character, is in many ways the outsider, the loner – and yet his life makes such an incredible difference when he comes to Smithville,” said Mackenzie. “You will leave the theater after seeing ‘Doonby’ realizing how powerful your one life is and that you can truly make a difference in the world.”

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