Biden’s staff put reporter in a closet

Nice. Yet the most pathetic part is that fundraiser attendees paid $500 each to hear the veep speak.

Sunday, 27 Mar 2011 11:23 AM
By David Wright

Veteran reporter Scott Powers went to cover a fundraiser headlined by Vice President Joe Biden – and ended up being “imprisoned” in a closet by the veep’s staffers.

“They gave me a bottle of water and shut the door,” said Powers.

While Biden’s team has apologized, they’ve only said they’re sorry they didn’t have a better “hold room” for Powers.

The Orwellian incident happened on Wednesday, March 23, when Powers, 51, was assigned to be the pool reporter for Biden’s fundraiser for Sen. Bill Nelson at the palatial home in Orlando of developer and philanthropist Alan Ginsburg.

More than 150 guests had paid at least $500 a head to listen to speeches by Biden and Nelson.

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