Catholic priests challenging President Obama and you

Thanks to the Catholic priests who made these videos. My fellow and sister Catholics who voted Obama into office, make no mistake: You are responsible for the president’s persecution of the unborn, all Americans of goodwill and foreign nations too. The priests don’t say it, but I will: Whether you are Catholic or not, voting for Obama and other abortion pushing politicians is a mortal sin because it makes one an accessory to murder. Heavy, I know. But it’s the truth. Hear the fathers…

The video above was filmed at St. Thomas More parish on the south side of Chicago. Saint Thomas More is the patron of lawmakers and the British martyr who was tortured and beheaded by King Henry VIII. The narrator is Father Pontifex, an urban poet, and the filmmakers are Spirit Juice Studios.

I had the humorous video by Father Leo Patalinghug giving the president “the finger,” as in the ring finger symbolizing fidelity. However, Father Patalinghug has removed his video from the internet. Too bad.

This one’s self explanatory…

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