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Christmas for cat lovers

Benny in a box - Christmas 2011. (All rights reserved by Anita Crane anitacrane.com)

Benny in a box. Christmas 2011. All rights reserved by Anita Crane and anitacrane.com.

Obviously, Christmas is the birthday of Jesus Christ Almighty, the Alpha and the Omega, our Creator and Redeemer.

Look at the photo of Benny, my beautiful Maine Coon, and celebrate the fact that Christ is also the generous Creator of cats. Except for a baby’s giggle, can you think of a more delightful sound than a cat’s purr?

Benny is named after the world’s greatest cat lover, Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI, and Saint Benedict of Nursia.

Glorious as cats are,  this isn’t Paradise, so I want to help other cat lovers to make order out of what can easily become cat chaos. My family includes four felines, so I know. Cat owners, you know what I’m talking about: the litter messes, the toppled water and food bowls, the hair everywhere, torn carpets or – worst of all – fleas, if your furry purrsons get them. We had a long grueling battle with those vampires, but that’s another story in itself.

In other words, my Christmas for cat lovers gift list is really to help their servants: us.

Alright, let’s get into the spirit. Listen to Leon Redbone’s “Kitty Cats’ Christmas” and get the song for yourself or give it to your favorite cat lovers by clicking my widget below or here.

My little gift widget for cat lovers follows shortly. I quite like the kitty scarves and Cat’s Pajamas.

I own several of these products, such as the absolute best cat pan, the stainless steel 8 oz. twin bowls, the FurBGone brush and FURminator, and everything I labeled best, must, excellent or as a solution to some cat need.

Cats need to be brushed and they absolutely need scratching posts. I couldn’t find the excellent scratching post tower we have, but I show you similar ones. I also did my best to avoid products made in China and other countries who enslave people. If the country of origin isn’t listed on my widget that’s only because it isn’t listed at Amazon. For other items such as Christmas music, please browse my other widgets or see my “For Hanukkah and Christmas: Gifts NOT made in China” article.

If your cats (or dogs) need flea medicine or other meds, the best place to get these is BudgetPetCare.com. This is a Canadian retailer where I found that Frontline flea treatment was nearly 70% cheaper than in the USA. The huge price difference is a mystery, but I’m grateful to my friend Wendy for introducing me to this store.

The FleaVac product is on my widget, but it’s cheaper to buy it directly from FleaVac.com. However, please do not get or pay for the FleaVac hose. It doesn’t attach to vacuums. Useless design. Just vacuum the FleaVac into your vacuum cleaner and it works that way.

Merry Christmas to all cat lovers and all animal lovers!