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Collin Raye: This is who I am


Top country singer: This is who I am
‘My fans have responded with great support’

Posted: December 29, 2011
12:20 am Eastern

By Anita Crane
© 2011 WND

Country music star Collin Raye doesn’t just sing his heart out, he also wears his heart on his sleeve.

As spokesman for the Terri Schiavo Life & Hope Network, Raye boldly defends the fundamental human right to life and calls people to political action.

He recently released “His Love Remains” for the love of God and his late granddaughter, who died at the age of 10 from neurological disorders that impaired her breathing.

“I made a decision years ago, especially during Haley’s illness, to focus on what’s important and my fans responded accordingly,” Raye told WND. “This album is the first time I’ve been able to say, ‘I’m a Christian music artist and I’m lovin’ it!’

“If you take a stand on issues, some people are going to get upset. But for the most part, my fans have responded with great support because they know I’m passionate about my faith and it’s just about deciding to fight the good fight above board and in front of everybody instead of trying to do it behind the scenes.”

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