Democrats for Life PAC Was a Kiss of Death in 2010

My friend Jason Jones of HERO’s Whole Life America nails it. Here’s an excerpt:

HOLLYWOOD, CA. (I Am Whole Life) – As president of HERO’s Whole Life America, I warned Democrats for Life of America that its deceptive “Whole Life Heroes” PAC was the kiss of death. While the DFLA attempted to use our name and confuse voters by urging the re-election of Rep. Bart Stupak’s (D-MI) Obamacare collaborators – instead it united pro-lifers and whole-lifers.

During campaign 2010, DFLA’s executive director Kristen Day accused pro-lifers of lying about the threats to life in Obamacare. Now, two weeks after widespread Democrat defeats and pro-life elections, Ms. Day remains silent.

The majority of Americans didn’t buy DFLA’s misnamed Whole Life Heroes PAC pushing the Marxist party line. And with her support of Obamacare, Kristen Day, a proclaimed Catholic, betrayed the faith. After all, Obamacare imposes collectivism, it funds the abortion industry, it establishes government death panels, and it will severely fine the poor – the very persons who can’t afford insurance.

Read the rest here:

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