Democrats For Life Promises Counterfeit ‘Whole-Life’ PAC

By Jason Jones
July 12, 2010

Democrats For Life of America made an extremely misleading announcement in the July 3rd issue of the Washington Post. Kristen Day, DFLA’s executive director, said she’s forming a “Whole-Life Heroes” political action committee. I’m the founder and president of HERO’s Whole Life America. So, on one hand, I am flattered that the DFLA thought so much of our organization that they borrowed our name. On the other hand, I am greatly offended that they would use our name to undermine human dignity.

The name of our organization, HERO’s Whole Life America, conveys respect for the human person from the embryo to the elderly. We make a stand for human dignity when it isn’t politically expedient – against the prevailing ideologies of the age – and that takes courage, hence HERO.

It takes courage to consistently fight for human dignity. And, as a matter of fact, members of the HERO’s Whole Life America take our pledge to promote respect for the intrinsic dignity of the human person regardless of ability, age, status, ethnicity or sex. We work with a coalition of people from diverse backgrounds and fight for the principle of whole life human rights – protecting everyone from the embryo to the elderly. We are rewarded every day as we strive to be consistent with our name. Some of our projects this year include drilling wells for the poor in Darfur, Sudan; delivering aid to victims of the earthquake in Haiti; sharing the message of human dignity in American prisons (even on death row); and partnering with 280 pregnancy centers to bring the message of hope and life to pregnant women in crisis.

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