Dishonorable Disclosures

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Published on Aug 15, 2012 by OPSECTeam
Intelligence and Special Operations forces are furious and frustrated at how President Obama and those in positions of authority have exploited their service for political advantage. Countless leaks, interviews and decisions by the Obama Administration and other government officials have undermined the success of our Intelligence and Special Operations forces and put future missions and personnel at risk.

The unwarranted and dangerous public disclosure of Special Forces Operations is so serious — that for the first time ever — former operators have agreed to risk their reputations and go ‘on the record’ in a special documentary titled “Dishonorable Disclosures.” Its goal is to educate America about serious breaches of security and prevent them from ever happening again.

Use of military ranks, titles & photographs in uniform does not imply endorsement of the Dept of the Army or the Department of Defense. All individuals are no longer in active service with any federal agency or military service.

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PS from Anita: After the capture of Bin Laden, President Obama released many creepy photos of himself and his personnel watching and celebrating the killing of this mass murderer. The photo of Secretary of State Hillary Clinton supposedly looking concerned was widespread and ridiculous propaganda. And there’s video of Vice President Joe Biden calling someone and gleefully bragging about the kill. All theater, all show, completely lacking class and dignity of the Oval Office – even lacking proper empathy that an enemy had to be killed. On the White House website, there are more posts boasting about the operation because it’s always about glorifying Obama. This president and Defense Secretary Leon Panetta are dangerous and embarrassing to our nation. Obama, Clinton and Panetta are dangerous to all nations of good will.

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