‘Exorcist’ director William Friedkin returns with the real thing

In 2014, director William Friedkin said, “I would never go back and do another Exorcist. Or anything with demonic possession or exorcism in it. I did it. I couldn’t do it any better than that.”

Two years later, he was in Rome with the world’s most famous exorcist filming a real exorcism for his documentary The Devil & Father Amorth, which opens in select U.S. theaters on April 20.

This documentary is chilling and excellent because agnostic William Friedkin presents Father Amorth to the world, tells why he loves him, and it can help countless people to know the difference between mental illness and demonic possession. See the trailer, read my review and find out how to watch this superb movie at home over at SCENES Media.

William Friedkin wanted to meet Father Amorth because he had read all of Father’s books published in English and it seems in the movie that Friedkin’s favorite is “An Exorcist Tells His Story.” In the book is Father’s Prayer Against Every Evil, which you can read by clicking here. 

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