Father Trigilio to fellow priests: Stop dissing B16 and JP2

A portrait of Father with his cat from Trigilio.com

I love Father John Trigilio!  Read his latest @ http://blackbiretta.blogspot.com/2013/03/papal-perspective.html

Some of my favorite parts:

“Ever have the urge to just scream when you hear something totally stupid being offered as if words of wisdom?  Bad enough many in the secular media are clueless about papal conclaves but worse yet is when Catholic journalists, priests especially, babble pablum and proliferate pedestrian nonsense.

“Recently, since the election and installation of His Holiness, Pope Francis, I have heard several Catholic commentators say on television and radio that finally we have a pope we can be excited about. Some have said that while JP2 and B16 were good philosophers and theologians, now we have a pope (Francis) who actually DOES something. …

“This oversimplified perspective is dangerous. First of all, there is no competition between all three popes. Each one had his own gifts he brought to the papacy. …

Give credit where credit is due.  That is only just.  Pope John Paul II did not only make papal visits, he also canonized a LOT of saints; he established World Youth Day; he was pivotal in the demise of the evil empire (alias the Soviet Union) and the end of the Cold War and Iron Curtain. He revised the Code of Canon Law in 1983 and promulgated the Catechism of the Catholic Church in 1992. No small feats, any of them.

“Pope Benedict also did more than merely speak words. His sharp theological mind was in the same league as the bright philosophical intellect of JP2. B16 may not have written as many papal documents as his predecessor, but he DID a lot in addition to his words of wisdom. Pope Benedict SHOWED us how to be REVERENT once again, especially at Sacred Worship. LEX ORANDI, LEX CREDENDI. What we believe and how we worship are organically integrated. It was Pope Benedict who restored the Extraordinary Form as a viable option in the Western (Latin or Roman Rite) Church AND he is the one who officially promulgated the 3rd Edition of the English translation of the Roman Missal.  Words do mean something. Acts are important but so are words. Ideas must inspire acts. Many of us remember our Baltimore Catechism instruction from the Nuns in parochial school: ‘Why did God make me? God made me to KNOWLOVE and SERVE Him in this world so as to be happy in the next'”

Please do read the whole thing. It’s quite a good time!

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