Feminism’s legacy: ‘Heartache, STDs, abortion’

‘It turns out human nature cannot be repealed by judicial fiat’
By Anita Crane
March 08, 2011 WorldNetDaily

“The truth is that feminism is the single worst thing that happened to American women.”

So wrote Suzanne Venker and her aunt, Phyllis Schlafly, in “The Flipside of Feminism: What Conservative Women Know – and Men Can’t Say.”

And if that doesn’t elicit feminist fury or bewilderment, what will? But it’s more reason for feminists and non-feminists to read this new title published by WND Books. After all, you’ll see people you know, people you love – maybe even yourself – in “The Flipside of Feminism,” the authors say.

“My hope is that any person between the ages of 18 and 50, male or female, who feels as though they’ve absorbed feminist ideology, will read this book,” said Venker, who describes herself first and foremost as a wife and mom, even though she’s authored a previous book and numerous articles.

Schlafly, author or editor of 20 books, founder of the Eagle Forum, and Supreme Court attorney most famous for leading the Equal Rights Amendment defeat, hopes that the young will read “Flipside” before they make “too many mistakes.”

“I want them to understand that everything the feminists are telling us is really a lie,” said the widow, and proud mother and grandmother. “Feminism teaches young women to think of themselves as victims of the patriarchy. That’s so unfortunate because American women are the most fortunate who have ever lived – we can make anything we want of our lives.”

What, then, is this thing that Venker and Schlafly call the “F word”?

Read more: Feminism’s legacy: ‘Heartache, STDs, abortion’ http://www.wnd.com/?pageId=272353#ixzz1GJydyAXt

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