Freedom-loving Mexicans protest new president

With the re-election of Obama/Biden here and a new PRI president in Mexico, things don’t look good for freedom lovers in either country. PRI is the same party of Marxists and Communists who persecuted Catholics and others of goodwill for 71 years and it’s the party dreaded by makers of the movie “For Greater Glory.” So, on this first Sunday of Advent, let’s keep all Mexicans and Americans in our prayers…

MEXICO CITY – Protesters opposed to new President Enrique Pena Nieto’s rule clashed with tear gas-wielding police outside Mexico’s Congress early Saturday just hours before he was to take the oath of office and return the country’s old guard to power.

Pena Nieto already took over at midnight in a symbolic ceremony after campaigning as the new face of the Institutional Revolutionary Party, or PRI, repentant and reconstructed after being voted out of the presidency in 2000. The PRI ruled for 71 years with a mix of populist handouts, graft and rigged elections.

Hundreds of protesters banged on the tall steel security barriers around Congress, threw rocks, bottle rockets and firecrackers at police and yelled “Mexico without PRI!” Police responded by spraying tear gas from a truck to disperse the crowd and used fire extinguishers on flames from Molotov cocktails. The air was filled with smoke and shouts as officers, their faces streaming with tears from the gas, ordered the crowds to get back.

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