Hall of Planned Parenthood shame: Robert T. Pizzano General Contractors

Copyright Anita Crane. Thanks to American Family News radio for interviewing me about this and telling their readers at OneNewsNow. Thanks to Matt Abbott for spreading the word in his RenewAmerica column.

Robert Pizzano Sr.
Robert Pizzano Sr.


Robert Pizzano Jr.
Robert Pizzano Jr.


On Friday, August 21, the Restore-DC-Catholicism blog revealed that Catholic-owned Robert T. Pizzano General Contractors is building the new Planned Parenthood abortion facility in Washington. Their office address is 1019 Cameron Street, Alexandria, Virginia 22314. They are building the new Planned Parenthood at 1225 4th Street NE, Washington, D.C. 20032.

I hoped it wasn’t true and called to verify.

A female receptionist said: “Yes. It’s true. That’s what we’re in business to do.”

Me: “To build a place where unborn babies will be murdered?”

Receptionist: “I have no comment. Anything else I can do for you?”

YES. Don’t build it!

Note: The new Planned Parenthood is strategically placed next to a charter school.

So, here they are, the team at Robert T. Pizzano General Contractors:
Robert T. Pizzano, Sr., founder . (703) 906-6573 . rpizzanosr@pizzanocontractors.com
Robert T. Pizzano, Jr., president . (703) 906-6574 . rpizzanojr@pizzanocontractors.com
Pete Sainviller, director of field operations . (703) 906-6577. psainvilier@pizzanocontractors.com
Frank Sorge, senior project manager . (703) 928-3432 . fsorge@pizzanocontractors.com
Jake McInerney, project manager . (703) 593-8133 . jmcinerney@pizzanocontractors.com
Scott Taylor, project manager . (571) 221-9978 . staylor@pizzanocontractors.com
Lisa Paul, chief administrative officer . (703) 929-8677 . lpaul@pizzanocontractors.com
Kelsey Paul, assistant project manager . (703) 298-7348 . kpaul@pizzanocontractors.com
Willy Pizzano, assistant project manager . cell (703) 314-7061 . wpizzano@pizzanocontractors.com
Kelly Ashby, bookkeeper . kashby@pizzanocontractors.com

See their partial but long list of clients by clicking here. They don’t name the Planned Parenthood Federation of America. To see what Robert T. Pizzano General Contractors are “in business to do,” watch the Center for Medical Progress documentaries where Planned Parenthood officials are caught red-handed with the little dissected victims. I am placing the latest CMP video below. The woman in this video is a former Planned Parenthood employee who opened her own company StemExpress, which harvests the victims’ bodies from Planned Parenthood and sells them to labs. StemExpress tried to block the release of these documentaries, but a California supreme court threw out their case.

When Cate Dyer speaks of “cases” and laughs about the horror, that is her industry’s dehumanizing code name for aborted babies. And the evil is incomprehensible.


(The photo at the top is from Father William Kuchinsky, standing left near the woman with the orange sign. Father posted it on Facebook March 16, 2016 and said: “40 Days for Life – Washington, DC. Group picture after an Hour of Prayer at construction site of a Planned Parenthood mega center 1225 4th St, NE Washington, DC. God bless the men from the Dominican House of Studies who added so much to this effort!”)

21 thoughts on “Hall of Planned Parenthood shame: Robert T. Pizzano General Contractors

  1. Join us at the new beach on 1225 4th ST NE where they spray hoses on protesters.

    If you can not join us then please call AND write to the Pizzano Contractors and their employees. Ask about their building the Planned Parenthood abortion center and the assault and battery on people who are praying for them to stop.

  2. Thanks, Anita, for speaking out and making it easy for others to do so. I will follow up and add my voice and also share this far and wide. God bless you!

  3. I pray that 1000s will call this company and shame them for not only building for PP but next to a charter school! And they call themselves Catholic!! Is this the example to set for these young kids? Is this the what they will believe is the Catholic way???? Is the dollar bill almighty. What example is that company setting for their own families? God change these plans.

  4. God will render to everyone according to his work,
    “liberal Catholics are the worst enemies of the Church” Pope St. Pius IX.

  5. I doubt that Wuerl’s shadow has, or ever will, darkened the site of the protest.

    What has Bishop Herzog had to say, anything?

    1. Gary, the bishop of the Arlington Diocese in Virginia is Most Reverend Paul Loverde. To the best of my knowledge, he has made no public statements on this matter of Pizzano General Contractors, but he has protested Planned Parenthood.

  6. Cardinal Weurl is the archbishop of the Diocease of Washington, DC which is where the PP building is being erected. What will it take for him to take a stand against this, an abortion facility being build next to a children’s charter school BY a professed Catholic??

  7. Hi, I am a student at [deleted] High School, where this article was placed on every car in the parking lot and protesters stood outside the school with signs. The Pizzano children are my classmates and targeting the Pizzano children in front of their whole school is totally inappropriate. I don’t know why you think embarrassing children is okay. I am proud to say I am prolife, but I don’t know how you can say it when you show so little respect.

    1. My article says nothing of the sort. Did you read it?
      The object is to ask the Pizzano builders to stop building this terrible place where unborn babies will be murdered.
      By the way, do you have photos? It’s difficult to verify your claim without photos. And when did this allegedly happen?

  8. I am an [deleted] parent and would like to verify the story above. This happened on Thursday, December 3, while students were being released. Protestors put copies of this article on parked cars and blocked traffic trying to give them to parents picking up students. They stood at the exit with signs, yelling at people. [Deleted] has always been quite zealous in its enthusiasm for pro-life causes, and Pizzano no longer has any relationship with the school, so the only purpose of the protest was to shame and embarrass the children in those families. This was wrong and anything but “pro-life.”

    1. Parent, thanks for verifying. I received a photo of three men holding a sign that says: “Tell Pizzano Stop Building Baby Killing Biz.”
      Given that both you and Anonymous, who claims to be a student, are speaking to me anonymously, you make it difficult for me to verify that you are really a student and parent of a student. I deleted the name of the school to protect the Pizzano children and others.
      Were the protestors really yelling or were they trying to get your attention to save lives?
      Please consider what’s at stake.
      Remember what Planned Parenthood does. They have violently taken millions of innocent lives and they do it shamelessly.
      Have you watched the video exposé attached to this story?
      As you can see, I don’t urge anyone to go to the high school or contact the Pizzano children in any way.
      I knew nothing about the Pizzano children until Anonymous and you commented here.
      I wouldn’t contact the children and I’m sorry if they are embarrassed or sad about this.
      However, if they are sad that their father, grandfather and apparently another relative are building an abortion facilty, you can make the best of it.
      Be true friends. Tell them that you love them and please ask the company’s staff not to commit this crime against humanity.
      If atheists are horrified by Planned Parenthood’s gruesome violence, we Catholics should be more horrified and we should do our best to end the abortion holocaust. That’s why I wrote the article.
      Kindly consider that Planned Parenthood’s little baby victims are just as real as you, me and everyone you know in this life.
      There is much violence in our world. All people of goodwill are horrified by IS beheading people. Yet this is the very same thing Planned Parenthood does to millions of innocent little babies and our government not only permits it, but pays them with tax dollars.
      It’s important to face the facts here. If someone threatened to tear your family members or friends limb-from-limb and behead them–if someone laughed about selling their heads and body parts–I suppose you’d be horrified and I hope you’d do everything in your power to prevent it.
      Robert T. Pizzano General Contractors can do great good.
      If you care about the Pizzano family, please help them see the light of Christ and return to Him.

  9. I can verify that the demonstration at the high school referred to above most definitely happened, because I was one of the people who organized it. As you can see, I’ve included my real name.

    After several months of petitioning and protesting Pizzano Contractors, and getting no where, we decided that it was time to try embarrassing Robert Pizzano out of his self-destructive apathy.

    We know that the school removed Pizzano from the Board of Governors when it found out he was building an abortion center. This is laudable, but it has not had any effect on his actions, probably because it was done quietly and Pizzano has been able to maintain a reputation of general respectability in the Catholic community. Our goal last week was to tear the veil away and show him that if he continues to build a Planned Parenthood, his reputation (which every man should value) will soon be mud. This sounds harsh until you consider what is at stake.

    Pizzano’s children were not our targets. I am sorry if our actions caused them emotional pain. But had I known that they were in attendance nothing would have changed. Children always suffer when their parents choose to live immorally, but this is not an argument against exposing the parents publicly, even if it means visiting their high school. The lives of preborn children are more important than the feelings of born people.

    One more point. Many at this school were offended that we should “protest” outside an institution that is already pro-life. But it is this attitude that permits abortion to continue. Bringing students to the March for Life every 365 days is not enough. The extreme nature of the world we live in justifies an extreme response, such as regular anti-abortion activism. Nothing less is good enough. Normal life must STOP in the middle of a holocaust. If students are not being taught this at a pro-life school, they are not being taught right.

  10. Go fuck yourself bitch. Planned parenthood is awesome. Too bad your mother didn’t go there. I will be making a donation to them in your name. Is Skank still your middle name?

    1. Hello there abortion supporter! You do Planned Parenthood and the whole abortion industry proud because you’re obscene, irrational, wishing death upon those who stand for human rights and cowardly hiding behind a false ID.

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