Incoming AG to feds: Hands off my state

Below is the link to my interview with Virginia’s new attorney general, Ken Cuccinelli, who is deeply concerned about congressional bills designed to impose upon states’ rights. He said he’ll do everything in his power to protect Virginians from federal overreach. Here’s an excerpt on the ‘ healthcare’ proposals by Congress:

“I believe the individual mandate violates individual rights,” Cuccinelli said in an interview. “I do not believe the federal government has the legal authority in the [U.S.] Constitution to mandate that individual Americans purchase health insurance.

“A corollary to that is that the [Senate] bill, as it is currently written, requires state governments to set up healthcare exchanges to facilitate individual mandates. I do not believe that under the Constitution the federal government has the authority to dictate or effectively force states into its bureaucracy,” he said.

Read the article here:

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