Insiders expose abortion industry in ‘BloodMoney’

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Posted: February 21, 2011
10:54 pm Eastern

By Anita Crane
© 2011 WorldNetDaily

In the wake of the latest video sting by Live Action showing a Planned Parenthood employee apparently willing to aid supposed sex traffickers in procuring abortions for minors, Planned Parenthood claimed to be “profoundly shocked” and fired the director of a New Jersey clinic who was caught advising a supposed pimp to circumvent the law.

But Alveda King, the niece of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., and a staunch activist for protections for the unborn, is questioning the genuineness of those actions.

“If you look at all the evidence in several projects, you will see that Planned Parenthood is not helping people to plan families, they’re helping people to kill babies and hurt women,” Alveda King told WND.

As part of her work on behalf of the unborn, she has narrated the new documentary, BloodMoneywhich chronicles the tactics of the abortion industry’s multi-billion dollar business in the United States. The project features interviews with former abortion providers, in-depth investigators, and numerous post-abortive women from young to mature.

“The videos by Live Action confirm all the information that is readily available in the film BloodMoney,” said King. “There is too much evidence from people who actually practiced abortion: Abby Johnson, Carol Everett and then the work of Live Action films.”

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