Kirk Cameron talks Piers Morgan, ‘Monumental’ & tyranny


Surprise: American tyrant who enslaves

‘There is something seriously sick in the soul of our country’

By Anita Crane

On March 27, Kirk Cameron’s new film “Monumental: In Search of America’s National Treasure,” opens in 550 theaters nationwide for a one-night screening he hopes will move Americans to defend their nation against tyranny.

Cameron has been doing interviews to promote “Monumental,” but CNN’s Piers Morgan turned his March 2 appearance into a trial on “gay marriage” and abortion. 

Did Morgan, knowing full-well that Cameron was promoting the movie, allow the filmmaker to discuss his new historical documentary?

Cameron told WND: “No, he didn’t. I even asked him between segments on a commercial break if he would please have the courtesy to let me share a little bit about the film and he did not.”

Cameron answered questions in keeping with Christianity, yet Morgan accused him of inflammatory remarks and bigotry. The Gay & Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation attempted to frame Cameron as an out-of-date former teen idol and “anti-gay extremist.”

But in fact, Cameron judged no persons. In fact, he spoke his beliefs about the consequences of particular acts – behavior. Furthermore, he was more delicate than St. Paul the apostle.

See and hear Cameron for yourself. Here’s the CNN clip of him discussing marriage with Morgan.

Ironically or providentially, Morgan’s anti-Christian campaign against Cameron justifies “Monumental.”

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  1. I love your website with all its suggestions and most of all your writings. I could not be prouder of my sister and the truth and care you put into your articals. Your hand is cleary guided my the Almighty. Thanks Anita for contribution to the arts and the world. Cyn

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