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Many murdered as Nigerian churches bombed at Christmas

Sadly, our brothers and sisters in Nigeria, Iraq and too many places around the world suffer violence for believing in Christ and worshiping Him. James Heiser begins his Christmas report with this:

Even as Christians in Iraq cancelled church services at Christmas for fear of further Islamic terrorism against their dwindling community, Muslims in Nigeria carried out a series of bombings targeting the Christians during this holy season.

According to initial press reports, 38 people were murdered in a series of bombings at Christian churches. Helen Kennedy reports for the New York Daily News that Nigerian Governor Jonah Jang is now calling it a “black Christmas”:

Meanwhile in Africa, seven blasts ripped through the restive Nigerian city of Jos, killing at least 31 people in a region riven by conflict between Christians and Muslims.

Officials said 74 people were hurt, many of them seriously.

Gov. Jonah Jang called it a “black Christmas.”

“When we should be celebrating peace, here we are crying,” he said.

See the entire New American report here: http://thenewamerican.com/index.php/world-mainmenu-26/africa-mainmenu-27/5646-nigerian-churches-bombed-at-christmas