Movie makers defy ‘Don’t touch this story’ warnings


Published March 22, 2012
By Anita Crane

When Jon and Andrew Erwin worked as cameramen for ESPN, made TV commercials, music videos and then a TV pilot, these brothers from Birmingham, Ala., had no designs for making a feature film about an abortion survivor.

“October Baby” filmmakers Jon and Andrew Erwin

But tomorrow, March 23, their first feature film, “October Baby,” opens in cities and towns in 40 states across America.

Director Andrew Erwin and actors John Schneider, Rachel Hendrix and Jason Burkey spoke to WND about the film, the surprising audience reactions and their hopes for “October Baby.”

“As a filmmaker you have to find your story, but most of the time it finds you,” Andrew Erwin told WND. “Jon and I are both pro-life and very passionate about the issue, but never really thought that would be our first feature film because it’s a risky topic.

“Jon heard Gianna Jessen share her story as an abortion survivor. He first heard her online, then at a banquet – and he was so captivated because he didn’t really understand those two words, ‘abortion’ and ‘survivor,’ could go together.”

As Andrew tells it, the more Jon researched abortion survivors, the more he wanted to write and co-direct “October Baby,” a fictional coming-of-age love story inspired by Jessen’s survival, abortion injuries, adoption and zeal for life.

“Jon co-wrote ‘October Baby’ with Theresa Preston and put the first draft on my desk,” explained Andrew. “I read it, couldn’t put it down and said ‘I have to direct this movie!’”

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