Norma McCorvey talks ‘Doonby’ and Roe v. Wade

Norma McCorvey in “Doonby.” (Doonby the Movie © 2012)

Roe v. Wade opponents target Dallas for decision’s anniversary
Theme of rally: ‘It began in Dallas. Let’s end it in Dallas’
Published: Jan. 20, 2012

By Anita Crane

As hundreds of thousands prepare to march on Washington, Dallas, San Francisco and other American cities to protest the Supreme Court’s infamous Roe v. Wade decision, Norma McCorvey, the “Jane Roe” of that case, spoke to WND about her role in history and the movie “Doonby.”

Mike Mackenzie, a producer of “Doonby” and son of the movie’s writer/director/producer Peter Mackenzie, joined the conversation. The mystical thriller stars John Schneider as American drifter Sam Doonby in a daring adventure.

“Doonby” Writer/Director/Producer Peter Mackenzie with his sons at the 2011 Cannes Film Festival. Dan Mackenzie (left) was a cameraman for the film and Mike Mackenzie (right) is one of the producers. (Courtesy of Doonby the Movie © 2011)

McCorvey will speak Saturday at the Dallas March for Life rally, where the theme is: “It began in Dallas. Let’s end it in Dallas.” This means marchers conclude their annual protest at the Earle Cabell Federal Courthouse, which houses the district court where ambitious pro-abortion attorneys first filed the Roe case in 1970, while McCorvey was homeless, unwed, drug-addicted and pregnant with her third child.

“By casting Norma in the film, we hope to highlight the ambivalence Americans have had towards the subject of abortion,” Mike Mackenzie said. “Norma spent half her life being pro-choice, found Christ and became pro-life, and now she’s a fervent activist.”

Starting February 17, “Doonby” launches with a limited release in four Mississippi towns, then opens in Dallas movie theaters on February 24. In the spring, theater distribution will expand and WND readers will be able to find theater locations at

“I just hope everybody comes out and sees ‘Doonby,’” said McCorvey. “I don’t say that because I’m in it, I say it because it’s a great flick – a great psychological thriller.”

“We hope this film highlights the social issue and really affirms the significance of every [human] life,” said Mackenzie. “What we want to do is raise awareness of the issue without trying to side one way or the other – really just trying to focus on this life issue and protecting the most sacred gift we have.”

Schneider and several of his “Doonby” co-stars, including Joe Estevez, Jennifer O’Neill, Robert Davi, Jenn Gotzon, Erin Way and Will Wallace, spoke to WND about what compelled them to do the film and why they think it deserves an audience. While the movie release date has changed, you can read interviews with Schneider, Estevez and Way and with Wallace, Davi, O’Neill and Gotzon.

Read the in-depth story on Norma and see her in “Doonby” at Also be sure to read her gutsy congressional testimony by clicking on the word “testifiedin the above article.

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