‘Paul, Apostle of Christ’ movie drifts from history at the viewer’s expense

Jim Caviezel and James Faulkner are superb actors who look the parts of Luke and Paul, but were given a bad script. If Paul, Apostle of Christ was my introduction to both of these men so profound in history, I wouldn’t quite know what they believed, what they preached and why they were willing to suffer torture and die for it. In the movie, Paul mostly speaks about some amorphous cause of love instead of Jesus Christ, true God and true man. I watched Faulkner and Caviezel completely captivated by them as performers while waiting for the Apostle who wrote the Epistles of Saint Paul and waiting for the man that Luke describes in The Acts of the Apostles. The depiction of Saint Paul’s flashback to his spectacular conversion is underwhelming because it is shot in close-ups and the voice of Christ is mild rather than commanding.

Much of the problem is fictional subplots…

Before you buy movie tickets or the DVD, see the trailer and the rest of my review at SCENES Media

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