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‘Putin on the Ritz’

Screenshot from "Putin on the Ritz"

Screenshot from “Putin on the Ritz

March 2014 update: Initially I posted this as entertainment. However, there’s nothing funny about Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.
Since November, I’ve been so extremely busy working on other people’s projects that my website has been stagnant.

Nevertheless, I laughed out loud when a friend posted something on Facebook: none other than “Putin on the Ritz” – yeah, Putin on a Ritz cracker.

I like President Vladimir Putin and of course the gag is taken from the iconic photo of him riding a horse, which was also photoshopped to him riding a wild bear.

On the the horseback shot, last year HuffPo wrote:

“Is it new? No. But is it amazing, nearly four years later? You’d better believe it.

“It’s shirtless Vladimir Putin, riding a horse. ..

“The gem will never lose its luster.”

Putin on the Ritz took me back to Irving Berlin’s 1929 song and the 1930 movie. There are many versions of “Puttin’ on the Ritz,” including Taco’s gloomy music video.

Now, in honor of Russians, in the spirit of the Olympics (go Team USA!), and in recognition of America’s cultural impact on the world, I’m showing you a 2012 flashmob video from Moscow, then my favorite: a funky remix of Fred Astaire singing and dancing in the movie Blue Skies. Ah Fred, beyond compare…

Credits: Dance clips from the motion picture Blue Skies. Special effects and video re-edit by Doc-Terry. Song available on the Club des Belugas album “Swop.” Get the song by clicking here.


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