RIP Dr. Bernard Nathanson

Here’s part of my very brief story for WND yesterday about the extraordinary life and death of Dr. Bernard Nathanson.

Through the power of reason, Dr. Nathanson went from abortionist and NARAL collaborator to accepting faith and becoming a Christian. Yours truly witnessed the following milestone while working for another publication:

Years after pro-life witnesses protested his work and prayed for his conversion, in December 1996, Dr. Nathanson was baptized, received his first Holy Communion, and was confirmed by Cardinal Joseph O’Connor at a private Mass under St. Patrick’s Cathedral in New York City.

The pro-life luminaries at Nathanson’s reception of the sacraments included his godmother and activist Joan Andrews Bell, his confirmation sponsor Chris Slattery of EMC Frontline Pregnancy Centers, his instructor and friend Father C. John McCloskey, Father Richard John Neuhaus of “First Things,” Father Paul Marx of Human Life International, and Chuck Colson of Prison Fellowship ministries.

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