‘Schindler’s List’ producer on his new movie about Obama


Movie seeks president’s real roots

‘2016: Obama’s America’ intended to open voters’ eyes

By Anita Crane

As Barack Obama intensifies his re-election campaign by granting illegal aliens amnesty, endorsing “gay marriage” and even producing a White House commercial for the nation’s largest abortion business, there’s a new movie coming that digs into his real roots.

Gerald Molen
Gerald Molen

“2016: Obama’s America” is coming from Gerald Molen, the Academy Award-winning producer of “Schindler’s List,” whose new project is based on Dinesh D’Souza’s bestselling book “The Roots of Obama’s Rage.”

Molen has worked in many roles in the film industry and is a producer of box office hits. For years he worked closely with Steven Spielberg, producing his movies “Hook” (1991), “Schindler’s List” (1993), “Jurassic Park” (1993), “The Lost World: Jurassic Park” (1997) and “Minority Report” (2002).

Molen, married 58 years to his wife, Patricia, is the great-grandfather of six who recently made news after driving 90 minutes to a Montana public high school where he was scheduled to deliver the commencement address free of charge.

When Molen arrived, the school principal abruptly banned Molen from speaking. In an op-ed Molen explains what happened.

“Recently I was invited to speak to the Ronan High School seniors. After three weeks of preparation, research and re-write after re-write, I arrived at the appointed hour only to be told my talk had been canceled. The reason: ‘Some’ callers had informed the principal that they were concerned about the scheduled speaker being too right-wing or having an opinion that might be counter to theirs or some other lame excuse.”

In other words, since Molen is producing a feature that seeks answers on Obama’s mysterious past, as well as his presidential record, he was silenced.

In “2016: Obama’s America,” the filmmakers follow D’Souza tracing Obama’s roots and digging into the reasons for his mindset. They examine Obama’s agenda and present the potential consequences to all Americans, should Obama be re-elected.

Sgt. Molen, who served as a U.S. Marine after graduating high school (1953-56), explained some of the many reasons why he was compelled to make “2016″ with D’Souza.

“There’s too much that’s not known about Obama – I think the American people deserve to know a little more about our president,” said Molen.

He suggested there are parallels to the public school principal silencing him and mainstream media failing to serve the American people.

Molen said: “We’ve all talked about Obama’s education, but there’s no transcripts; there’s no scholarly papers; there’s no grades – and [before Obama] the media was going after George W. Bush about his schooling and his grades. And the same with John Kerry. But nothing on Obama. Supposedly all that information is sealed off.

“There are so many things like that. So I read Dinesh D’Souza’s book ‘The Roots of Obama’s Rage,’ and then Dinesh and I teamed up on this thing with some other great people and we just want to get the story out there out on what we feel America will look like in 2016 if, in fact, President Obama gets elected into a second term.”

Molen’s in-depth research on “Schindler’s List” also helped him decide to make “2016.” After all, people of goodwill must know history to avoid loss of liberty and further tragedy, and he had discovered that many history books reduced the Nazi holocaust to a merely paragraph, if they mentioned it at all.

Now, as Americans and billions of people around the world suffer many crises, Molen believes he shouldn’t neglect the opportunity to open the eyes of American voters.

 Read the rest of the story and see the trailer @ http://www.wnd.com/2012/06/movie-seeks-presidents-real-roots/

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