Shocker: Salvation Army supports abortion

A few days ago WND published my story about the Salvation Army’s support for abortion. It caused quite a stir with most commentators saying they’ll no longer donate and a few in denial, saying the story is false despite a direct link to the Salvation Army’s own website condoning the abortion of certain kinds of babies, plus its link to the Guttmacher Institute. Today, WND published an interview with USA headquarters and links follow.

Salvation Army marching toward abortion support?
Exceptions already approved in international position statement

December 17, 2011 10:00 pm Eastern
By Anita Crane © 2011 WND

This is the season of the year when Salvation Army volunteers are on the streets and outside stores ringing their bells to encourage donors to fill their red kettles with money for the poor. The longtime Christian organization provides food, shelter, elderly services, disaster relief, prisoner rehabilitation and many other forms of aid.

But it also has adopted a position statement that is a step toward abortion, and pro-life leaders are expressing alarm at what they see developing.

Salvation Army at war with itself
Official: ‘When I saw position, there was smoke coming out both my ears’

December 20, 2011 5:21 pm Eastern
By Drew Zahn © 2011 WND

After WND reported that the Salvation Army’s International Social Justice Commission published a position paper accepting abortion in the cases of rape, incest or fatal deformity of the child, many members of the group scrambled to re-examine their denomination’s position.

The re-examination, in turn, revealed the American branch of the Salvation Army in sharp disagreement with their international brethren. …

“When I read [the international group’s position] I was stunned,” confirmed Major George Hood, chief communications officer for Salvation Army USA. “It appears that the International Social Justice Commission worked on a position statement through the London office that does not reflect the position we’ve taken in the U.S. on abortion.

“When I saw the language,” Hood continued, “there was smoke coming out of both my ears.”

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