‘Southern Exposure’ – urgent immigration documentary

Jerry Misner and Stan Wald of Eyefull Video Productions in Tucson, Arizona © 2010

On August 30, WND published my interview with Stan Wald and Jerry Misner, makers of the new HD made-for-TV documentary Southern Exposure and the story’s available here: http://www.wnd.com/index.php?fa=PAGE.view&pageId=195565.

Your bleeding-heart conservative correspondent here is most concerned with these disturbing aspects of the crisis:

“Southern Exposure” reveals desert trails polluted with garbage, women’s underwear hanging like trophies on “rape trees” and the corpses of would-be migrant workers – burned and dehydrated by the sun.

It seems advocates on all sides of the debate agree that the majority of illegal migrants desperately are seeking gainful employment to care for their families, but few mention that these same poor people are beholden to the drug cartels’ traffickers, also known as coyotes.

Wald and Misner explained the racket. The coyotes charge migrants up to $3,000 for entry into the U.S., but they offer to cut the extortion fees if the desperados will become drug mules. Then the cartels make millions more by selling the drugs to Americans.

Chris Simcox, founder of the Minuteman Civil Defense Corps, one of several civilian groups that monitor the border, warns that the Border Patrol staffing levels are far too low. He and others, including USBP agents, speak of guerrilla tactics used by the traffickers.

Some lead traffickers pay decoys to distract the Border Patrol agents while hordes of other traffickers invade the U.S.; some use children to cry for help and lure agents into the line of fire; traffickers also assassinate law enforcement officers and murder ranchers on their own land.

In “Southern Exposure,” Wald and Misner show the disturbing images of the severed heads of Mexicans, images that reveal the level of crisis that exists along the Mexican border.

Misner also said that these savage crimes likely are committed by Islamists.

“There is a belief by law enforcement and former border law enforcement that there’s a nexus of some kind between Palestinians and what’s happening on the border with the drugs and the illegals,” said Misner. “Law enforcement has been studying the situation for a long time and this brutality is not endemic to Mexican criminals.”

The DVD set is available at Amazon.com or directly from Eyefull Video Productions at http://www.southernexposuredocumentary.us/

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