Atheist Penn Jillette is more Catholic than Piers Morgan…

On the resignation of Pope Benedict XVI and the upcoming election of a new pope, comedian and Libertarian Penn Jillette is quite refreshing. See how he puts the nominally Catholic Piers Morgan to shame in a most charitable way. He begins by telling Piers, “I think I may be someone who believes in the pope’s […]

Popes, astronauts and the Blessed Mother

So much for popes being behind the times. Back in 1920, Benedict XV named Our Lady of Loreto the Protectress of Pilots and Air Travelers, and Benedict XVI is the first pope to speak with astronauts while they’re in outer space.

Pope Benedict: Look closely at Christ crucified

Pope Benedict’s mediation on the God Man, Christ crucified: What remains now before our eyes? It is a crucified man, a cross raised on Golgotha, a cross which seems a sign of the final defeat of the One who brought light to those immersed in darkness, the One who spoke of the power of forgiveness […]