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Joaquin Romero

Last weekend, the captain of a fire department here in the U.S. told me that on Thanksgiving Day, he and his colleagues will enter into “suicide season,” the time of year when lonely people are most tempted to take their own lives.

Afterward, I came across this inspiring man, Joaquin Romero of Spain. Twenty years ago, Joaquin was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis, he felt abandoned and was tempted to commit suicide, but he chose to work improving the lives of other disabled persons. Even though life is challenging in his wheelchair, Joaquin says his disability is “a caress from God.”

“When I get to heaven,” says Joaquin, “I will get down on my knees, because then I will be able to, and tell Him [God], ‘Incredible. It has been stupendous.’”

Don’t miss the Mundo Cristiano interview with Joaquin Romero. Read it in English or Spanish here:

Thanks to the LORD for Joaquin Romero. Thanks to our Creator and Redeemer for life.

Happy Thanksgiving to you.

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