Veterans Day 2011

This year Veterans Day fell on 11/11/11 and WND asked me to cover the Veteran Defenders of America rally in Washington, D.C.

The story, co-authored by Bob Unruh, a WND editor, is here: Hope? Vets say not until Obama leaves Few pictures were used, so I’ve made a little photo essay on this page. I humbly thank U.S. veterans and active-duty Armed Forces for serving our country at the risk of their own lives. The photo above is young Americans drawn to the rally by Harry McKay reciting Patrick Henry’s speech standing beside two veterans. (Anita Crane © 2011. All rights reserved.)

Col. Harry Riley, JB Williams and Rev. Edward Anthony. (Anita Crane © 2011. All rights reserved.)
Three patriots bow their heads in prayer. Willie Squires is a Vietnam veteran who served in the Air Force, Jeff Scyers served in the Army, and Mark Welsh also served in the Air Force. (Anita Crane © 2011. All rights reserved.)
Old Glory saluting the veterans. (Anita Crane © 2011. All rights reserved.)
Richard Brooks, a Navy veteran who served 1960-64, traveled from Kennett Square, Pa. wearing a Civil War Union uniform and flying the Pennsylvania flag of that era. “This is Veterans Day. I came to represent all the veterans from 1960 to 1964. I also came to represent my great grandfather, who fought for the Union, 1861 to 1865.” Carol Matthews, a petite woman sporting a National Rifle Association cap, came from Ocala, Fla. with husband Robert, a retired U.S. Marine. (Anita Crane © 2011. All rights reserved.)
Harry McKay as Patrick Henry. (Anita Crane © 2011. All rights reserved.)
Eric Stricchiola and Martin Reilly, Army and Marine veterans respectively, holding their hats over their hearts as the National Anthem played. (Anita Crane © 2011. All rights reserved.)
(Anita Crane © 2011. All rights reserved.)
The rally organizers, Barbara Ketay and JB Williams. (Anita Crane © 2011. All rights reserved.)


13 thoughts on “Veterans Day 2011

  1. Nice to have met you Anita. Thanks for your coverage of the Rally, the pictures and your patriotism.

    Mark Welsh
    USAF veteran

  2. Anita, Thank you for braving the cold and wind to spend the day with us and cover the event for WND. It was great to meet you and we really do appreciate the coverage you, Bob, Joseph and WND gave this effort. Will keep you in the loop! Best!

  3. Awesome Anita! I wanted to be in DC on 11/11 but found out about it too late to make arrangements!
    I hope and pray We will defeat obama!

  4. Awesome Anita. Thank you! I wanted to be in DC n 11/11 but found out about it too late to make arrangemets. NOBAMA 2012!

  5. Thank you Anita. I know the sacrifices that were made by many of those who were there, having heard it first hand. Tears welled in my eyes several times during the event when I heard their stories. God is still alive in America and he blessed us all that day as he does each and every day.

  6. Thank you Anita, those are some great shots. I was there, it was cold but awesome to be with my fellow Veterans and so many patriots. I left with many new friends. Thanks to all in the media that covered this

  7. Anita- did you have other pictures of speakers at the rally? There was a Marine named Field McConnell (LtCol) speaking.

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