What is Christmas and why should you care?

What is the meaning of Christmas and why should you care?

The answer might surprise you. John Barnabas asked me that question on his radio program “Happiness, Opportunity & Technology” or “HOT.” John’s Phoenix program airs Tuesdays at Noon on KFNN Money Radio 1510 AM & 99.3 FM. Please click here for his Christmas special with yours truly and a Jew who loves Christmas.

I didn’t have time to say this, but it is absurd for most retailers to ban employees from saying “Merry Christmas” because Advent is the time of year when they make the most money by selling Christmas gifts. Furthermore, “Happy holidays” means “I wish you happy holy days.”

Merry Christmas. I like this portrait of Baby Jesus because he looks sweet, wise and irresistible. It is “Heilige Familie” or “Holy Family” by Lorenzo Costa (c. 1490). It’s on display at Musée des Beaux-Arts in Lyon, France. Photo courtesy of The Yorck Project via Wikimedia.

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