Who is Saint Nicholas?

December 6: Happy feast of Saint Nicholas! Thanks to the St. Nicholas Center and the National Gallery in London, I show you this portrait from Fra Angelico’s “The Virgin Mary with the Apostles and Other Saints,” which is probably what Bishop Nicholas of Myra really looked like. See the following amazing pages from the St. Nicholas Center in Holland, Michigan.

Saint Nicholas, protector of children, pray for all children of God, especially His most vulnerable pre-born little ones!

Who is Saint Nicholas?
What he looked like: http://www.stnicholascenter.org/pages/real-face/
Saint Nicholas in art:
Let’s not forget  Saint Nicholas slapping the heretic Arius:

The photo of “The Virgin Mary with the Apostles and Other Saints” by Blessed Fra Angelico (15th century) is courtesy of the owners, the National Gallery in London.


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