Wow – I’m in a saint’s book!

Yesterday my dad called and asked if I was sitting down because he had some big news: He had just received “A Spiritual Autobiography” by John A. Hardon, S.J. and found a little surprise in it, me. The passage follows immediately, then I’ll provide some background.

Father John Hardon, S.J.
Father John Hardon, S.J.

“From Crisis magazine, the second interview is with a writer who pressed the issue of the price we have to pay for being true Catholics today. Anita Crane drew statements from me that I have never made before. The heart of the interview was to say that today’s world requires martyrs among Catholics who wish to be faithful to the true faith. Each answer that I gave was a reply to a question raised by the interviewer,” wrote Father John Hardon, S.J. Then he features the story.

Father Hardon’s dear friend, the great Cardinal Raymond Burke, also wrote about him. (Nov. 24 update: I just received the book with its beautiful photos of Father Hardon from boyhood to manhood to priesthood – and from its first pages, it’s quite moving…)

It’s a stunning and humbling honor to be in the memoir of saint. Ironically, it was the first interview I’d ever done. I knew the Servant of God Father Hardon because in the 1980s my dad and mom were attending some of his lectures in Chicago, I went to one and it was obvious to me that he was a living saint. In fact, at that lecture Father Hardon urged me to go to Christendom College and so I did.

Thus, in 1997 as I was on vacation visiting my family while employed by the Washington-based Crisis, I interviewed Father in Chicago after the 50th anniversary Mass for his ordination. Thankfully, Deal W. Hudson, then-publisher and editor of Crisis, had the vision to publish it in December of that year.

You may read the interview here on my site, which includes my photo of him with Mother Teresa, or at the new Crisis owned by Sophia Institute Press, who republished it in 2012.

Father Hardon’s memoir “A Spiritual Autobiography” is $15 from his publisher, Eternal Life. To order it, please contact:

902 W. Stephen Foster Ave.
Bardstown, KY 40004-2402

Order via phone at any of the following numbers:
Toll Free @ 1 (800) 842-2871 or
(502) 348-3963 or (502) 348-9438

Sold online @

PS – My dad is Deacon Bill Crane in the Catholic Diocese of Joliet, Illinois. After prayer and guidance from Father Hardon, my dad was inspired to establish the Holy Eucharist Apostolate on June 1, 1986, the feast of Corpus Christi. The HEA seeks people to commit to adoring the Lord in-person, one hour a week for a brief period of six months. Often this becomes a good and longtime habit for those who make the commitment. The HEA also produces newsletters to educate, inspire and encourage its members. To join the HEA, please write to:

Deacon Bill Crane
The Holy Eucharist Apostolate
PO Box 206
Lombard, IL 60148-0206

2 thoughts on “Wow – I’m in a saint’s book!

  1. I met Fr Hardon several years back at a conference in Virginia. This humble priest was having difficulty in buttoning his cassock at the neck..I jumped up to help him and noted the neck was so tight it was almost chocking him. The collar was very frayed too and looked like he had it forever. I feel so blessed that he was humble enough to allow me to help him. Truly a saint of God. May God be praised in him.

    1. Glad you met him, Bernadette. Thanks for helping Father. He really lived his vow of poverty.
      I hope Father’s humor comes through in the book because he was quite funny too.

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