‘Yesh Tikvah: There Is Hope’

There is hope, truth and love in Truth and Love Himself
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Benny Friedman sings “Yesh Tikvah” solo in the music video, but with Six13 on the MP3. Now here are the lyrics translated to English:

Look around, far and near
Where’s the joy, where’s the cheer?

Why the fear, why the frown?
Why the smile upside down?
Shake yourself from the dust
Scrape your soul from the rust
Know that this too shall pass
For in G-d we trust

There is hope
If we sing our hope together
We have faith that is stronger than the terror
No despair, no dismay
Everything will be okay
He is with us night and day

Brother dear
Dry your tears
Take my hand, never fear
Let’s advance, side by side
And let’s cast our fright aside
Don’t forget all the love
That we have from Above

And you’ll see with the dawn
All the pain will be gone

Credits listed on YouTube: “Yesh Tikvah” is the title track of Benny Friedman’s CD. The song serves as an important reminder, an anthem, that even in these tough and trying times, Yesh tikvah! There is hope!

The song was composed by Ari Goldwag with lyrics by Miriam Israel and it was arranged by Ian Freitor. “Yesh Tikvah” and the entire album were produced by Avi Newmark.

Rabbi Eli Freidman translated the lyrics to English.

And the music video was produced by Moshe Bree of Ingenious Productions.

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