Young man’s humbling gratitude for freedom

Who, pray tell, is that thoughtful young man? His name is Jon Syster, a writer and fundraiser for our wounded military men. And what’s so extraordinary about that? Begin with this article in Westlake Magazine:

So what keeps him going?

Here’s what Jon says: “As with everyone my life experiences have been a journey of mountains and valleys, storms and calm. But no matter what experiences I had I never lost my faith in God. My mom is my rock but God is my everlasting light for everything I do in this life. I have cerebral palsy, hearing loss and spend most of my time in a wheelchair.”

Read the rest of Jon’s essay here:

How’s that for new meaning on Independence Day?

2 thoughts on “Young man’s humbling gratitude for freedom

  1. More than that there are key points relating to how we can overcome storms such as trials afflictions persecutions faced in everyday life expecially in this time of economic crisis in the world…. Thanks to all authors for creating a page that has been read 1 451 times…………

  2. Jon your great, we all love you dearly my dear friend, you are something the world has never seen, i am taking everything that you doing and trying to see the world within however sometimes we all get lost in our mind for any reason, then i ask myself who’s is there for me, God is good, i am follower what comes to God, there hasn’t been a day that i don’t think about my father in heaven.

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